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Сделайте вечеринку с цветами HOLI LIKE!

Они яркие, безвредные и легко моющиеся! Организуйте грандиозную вечеринку для друзей и близких!


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У нас есть собственное производство, поэтому мы можем установить самую низкую цену, не жертвуя качеством. Если вы не можете найти подходящий вариант в нашем магазине, пришлите нам индивидуальный заказ,  и мы немедленно его организуем для вас. Он будет доставлен между 2-15 днями в зависимости от вашего местоположения.

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Individual Order

Special price between $3-6 for 1 lbs for Holi colors for individual buyers (over 500 lbs). Powder will be delivered between 2-15 days depending on your location. Our manufactory produces 200 tons of Holi colors per year and we are ready to send you a necessary amount of colors to every city in the world. Leave the order, manager will answer you within 24 hours. 




3 continents, 97 cities in 19 countries, expanding the geography of 30 cities per year



Hard working since 2013 year: 314 of successful festivals, 1.233 million visitors, 506 tons of supplies



We use the most common and convenient way of shipment for the customer



We use organic bases of cereals, so our powder is dry and has high level of dustiness



Our festival colors meets the security standards of ASTM and ЕРА



Our holi powder no lit, no smell, non-toxic, not sting, not cause irritation and easily washed off


Traditionally, blue color is obtained from the Jacaranda flowers that give a blue hue. The leaves and flowers are collected, dried in shade and ground to a powder . in some areas in India, for example in Kerela ,they use the blue hibiscus which gives a darker colour. The flower is dried and pulverized, was added to a berry indigo plant and water. This is one of the main colors of Holi. For the Judaism blue is        the color of peace and harmony.

True orange Holi colors extracted from turmeric. This plant is  the family’s Zingiberaceae, who grow almost everywhere in India. This Holi color obtained by mixing a powder of turmeric from the bark of sandalwood. In India sometimes people use orange flour, it gives the powder saturation and color .  In some states they  use more carrot’s juice . Orange is the color of cheerfulness and energy.

Initially green Holi colors obtaine from wood mehendi. The substance mixed with flour or even leaves Gulmohar tree. Still in some states of India green color is obtained by mixing the grains wheat, spinach, coriander and mint. All this powder was washed in water and added. Green – one of the main colors in India, it is even on the national flag of the country. Today, as a rule, to obtain green using synthetic substitutes.

The old white Holi colors received from lilies and onions. Sometimes added wheat germ. White is usually considered of masculine color in India , in men’s wardrobe it is possible to find many things, but this particular colour. Women in India are rarely white. In spite of it, white is also one of the main colours of the country and also applied to the national flag of India. Today painting of white Holi got mainly from cereals.

Real Holi purple color is produced from a plant called Kachnar (Bauhinia Variegata). Leaves and flowers are dried in the shade, pulverized and soaked in the water. If you add the pink bow, it will turn pink Holi powder. To get a pink color, it is necessary to add not only the bow, but also and beet. Liquid put in the shade and allowed to dry overnight. Currently, the purple color is obtained by mixing different industrial paints.

008Celadon Blue

This is artificial Holi colors. In industrial dry Holi paints celadon purchased from synthetic dyes, which are close as possible to the consistency of sandalwood. sometimes the pangri’s wood used as substitutes colours. The chemical composition of celadon is similar to the result of mixing the white Holi colors, pomegranate and hibiscus. Currently, it is one of the most popular colors on Holi festivals.

The real  wet  Holi crimson paints was obtained from the leaves of saffron and plants or Palash DnaK. Powdered leaves and flowers of these plants give a natural red color, which diluted with water or flour. Today, for the Holi crimson color use peel a pomegranate, saffron, and other chips not quite natural substitutes. Distributed by the use of  wood Madder, which is still common throughout India.

In India yellow Holi colors is obtained from turmeric, flour, refined oil, peanut powder, and marigold flowers. Today, instead of the widely used synthetic substitutes on the basis of yellow chrysanthemums and black petals Babul plants. In India can steel meet people getting yellow color by drying plants. In all other countries people get yellow colour cereal-based alternatives to the rare addition of a peel of various fruits.


The real black Holi color is obtained from Indian gooseberry (Amla). The berries are harvested, dried in the shade, pulverized and soaked in water overnight. In some regions of India, the black color is obtained from the juice of black grapes, to which was added water and flour to paint was less sticky and more intense. Today, instead of all this use of synthetic substitutes, based on cereal crops and vineyards. In some countries, even the use of plum.


1. What made your Holi powder?
Our Holi powder made of natural products. We have our own laboratory and manufacturer.

2. Is it true that your Holi powder is absolutely safe?
Yes it is. Our Holi powder does not burn, does not smell and not toxic. After contact with the body they do not cause irritation and not sting. Nevertheless, we recommend to protect eyes and not to use the paint consumption.

3. What colors do you have?
We have 9 colors: blue, orange, green, white, purple, celadon blue, crimson, yellow and black.

4. I need a lot of Holi powder, what should I do?
Leave an order. We produce 200 tons of colors and can help you to organize a festival or a race to the hundreds of thousands of people. The more you order, the more discount you will be have.

5. How quickly you make the delivery?
It depends on the specific order. As a rule, it is between 5-20 days. Contact our manager by e-mail or leave a request and we shall discuss it.


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